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Stop Neighbors Dog Barking, Anonymously.


We can put an end to it, legally and ANONYMOUSLY!​ ​Visit "The Map" page, lookup or provide the Neighbors Barking Dog Home Address.  You have the option of submitting it to the Map, which will be visible for the world to see, while WE work with them to quiet their dogs barking to prevent fines and citations from Law Enforcement & Animal Control.                                          ~MAP IT Now!

Is their dog barking now?


We place phone calls alerting them to immediately quiet their dog, Anonymously! Simply Register or Login, lookup/provide their phone number, we handle the rest. You remain anonymous. Each time the dog barks excessively, BarkBack! The owner quickly gets the idea. Every BarkBack call submitted is documented under your account profile with time/date stamps and even audio/video recourse if needed.                         ~BarkBack!

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