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About Us

YapMap is an Interactive Community Project, it allows neighbors a method to communicate and share relevant local information within their neighborhoods.

For the focus of resolving noise disputes between neighbors, YapMap allows registered users the ability to “point out” specific areas of concern, viewable on the Map.  For example, if the Jones' are tired of the Smiths' dog barking all day long, they can simply register on YapMap, enter the Smiths' address or locate the Smiths' home on the Map, and submit a Violation of Noise Ordinance complaint.  A barking icon will be placed over the Smith's address on the Map until the barking stops or is at least legally acceptable.

While the icon itself won't do much except show the world that the Smith's home is logged as a noise violation on YapMap, it does bring into focus a valuable discovery tool for real estate buyers and sellers within that particular neighborhood.  Nobody wants to move next door to constant barking dogs and neighbors lacking enough sense to bark train their pets for the good of the community.

Once registered on YapMap, you can submit a noisy neighbors home, our office then begins mediating with the dogs owners to:

  • Notify them of the Noise Violation Complaint

  • Send USPS Certified Mail Noise Violation Legal Letter

  • Send Legal Copies of Local Noise Ordinance Statutes from their jurisdiction

  • Refer them to our Help Center Website to help correct the barking problems

  • Immediately update them of future barking occurrences or resolutions

If by chance the neighbor has not yet corrected the nuisance to your satisfaction or to the letter of the law, additional letters are sent out at your request, each one in increasingly aggressive legal-ease.  By law, most jurisdictions in the USA, require documentation of each noise disturbance.  We do that, we record, document and create an online journal of your account.  This is at your disposal to simply login and click a button each and every time the barking is excessive.  If the first letter fails to resolve the issue, each subsequent letter informs the Violator, Animal Control and their local police department of all journaled barking nuisance activity.


Finally, a way to get peace and quiet around your home.  


The YapMap Project can be your solution.  Don't let another day go by listening to noisy neighbors dogs.  Although enrollment takes a minute or two, snail mail from the US Postal Service takes a few days for the violator to receive the certified letters.  Our BarkBack option can give you peace of mind within a few minutes, while the barking is driving you crazy.  Hit the BarkBack! Button if you want instant calls made to the violators letting them know to quiet their dogs now, every call is documented in your online journal, arming you with the documentation needed for recourse.

BarkBack! Calls can either be “One time” dials, or a “Block of calls” to use at your disposal.  It's a quick, effective way to get the message across that "their dog is creating headaches in the neighborhood". They won't know who complained, as you remain anonymous throughout the YapMap Experience.  A BarkBack call costs only $3.  But if you want added peace of mind, purchase a Block of Calls, it's a lot cheaper that way, and we'll even refund any unused calls once the barking stops! 

You have nothing to lose, and your sanity to regain. 

Ready to begin?

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