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It's Getting Worse...

The Law:

One of the most received complaints by Police in the USA is for Barking Dogs.  

Police Officers have more important things to do (like fight crime).  Typically they will refer you to Animal Control which is grossly over-budget, understaffed and overwhelmed by Barking Dog complaints.  It's getting worse... new legislation is now in effect for several States which fine repeat Bark-Ordinance Violators hefty citations ranging from $300-$1700 before even being subpoenaed to appear in Court!

As the problem intensifies, more States are pressing for similar modalities.


The Result:

You may or may not have attempted to communicate with the neighbor to stop the barking and correct the nuisance. A good bet is that the problem still exists, making your home life miserable.

We are Dog Owners.  We LOVE Dogs.  Dogs are hierarchical, pack animals.  In a domestic setting, the Owner is the Master, with the absence of training and leadership, dogs become disobedient.  Excessive Barking is NEVER the Dogs fault!  The responsibility lies with the Owner to effectively Bark Train their pet.  Dogs bark, they're supposed to, it's how they communicate.  There are rules for owning a dog though, for our purposes here, that rule is Bark Training.  If a dog owner lives on a farm, it's likely OK if the dog barks all day, but if they live in a community where neighbors are in close proximity, that barking can be construed as a Violation of Noise Ordinance.  Most every jurisdiction has these laws, from your Subdivision Bylaws to Local County Statutes.  They're there for a reason.


So, What Now?

You can attempt to communicate with the neighbors in question, which can create animosity in your community.  You can continue contacting Law Enforcement with each disturbance (Cops usually tell them who complained).  You can close your windows and doors, turn the TV up loudly and ride it out....OR....

Let YapMap Handle It:  ANONYMOUSLY

You locate the home on the YapMap or enter their address (if you know it).  The Icon will be shown over their address.  We send Certified Mail Legal letters from our Attorneys directly to the Owners, with copies of their Local Noise Ordinance Statutes referencing the Local Excessive Barking Laws.  We direct them to our Violator Website which actually assists them with Bark Training, finding local Dog trainers and several free videos and resources to STOP the Excessive Barking.  Once you are satisfied with the resolution, simply update your claim, which leads to the removal of the Violators Address Icon from YapMap and to finally..."Clear Their Dogs Good Name".  


You remain Anonymous throughout the entire process.

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