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Letters or  Calls?

Faster Relief:

Once you enroll and we send out the Certified Letters through USPS, you're at the liberty of mail time (typically 2-3 days).  While you're waiting for the Violator to receive their YapMap Letters, every time their Dog Barks excessively, BarkBack!  


We've designed a quicker, more effective method to relief from area Barking Dogs;  


Simply Login, click the BarkBack! button, and our office will CALL the Violator to alert them that their Dog is disturbing the neighborhood.  Each BarkBack! call is recorded and journaled. (This is a crucial part of the record keeping process required for Animal Control and Law Enforcement purposes.)  Record keeping basically "arms" you with the recourse that any attempts to rectify the nuisance have been exhausted.  If the matter ever escalates to where the Violators must appear in Court, every disturbance is documented.  BarkBack!!

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