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BarkBack! Phone calls placed to Violator.

A BarkBack Call will immediately alert the Violator that their dog is disturbing the Peace. Whenever the barking becomes "Excessive", simply login and click the BarkBack! Button.


Your BarkBack call will be dialed with an Alert Message and Caller ID Message reading "Stop Barking."  In the case of a No-Answer, a voicemail message will provide them with the Alert Message with details on how to contact us and get information on how to bark-train their dog to prevent Law Enforcement visits, Citations, Animal Control visits and even Court appearances.  


Each time their Dog Barks "excessively", you have control over how many times you want to disturb their "Peace" with BarkBack phone calls.  They'll eventually get the idea, in addition to being informed that each BarkBack call they receive is being documented for Law Enforcement and Animal Control.            


This REALLY works!!

Don't know the neighbors phone number?

Click here to look it up for free!

Some people may opt to use Barkback Calls first, although this is fine and more cost efficient, it does not add a Violation Icon to The Map.  It may clear up the problem for Dog Owners that may not know their Dogs barking is creating disturbances, so the decision is yours to make.


If the problem has intensified to the point of making your home life miserable, choosing to begin the Legal Process of Documentation with YapMap Letters not only provides Map Icon placement, but also includes continued assistance with our help in resolving the noise disturbance with Law Enforcement and Animal Control.   It works either way!

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